Excellent results!

"It has been sometime now since I have used my Bacrac with excellent results. In the past I would be taking regular amounts of painkillers for pain management when I had overdone physical exercise at play or at work which was a real problem. 

I had tried various options that were OK for a time but not as long lasting as using the Bacrac.
Some benefits I noticed immediately were:
  1. Reduction in use of pain killers to the extent I even forgot I had taken them in quite a prolonged period of time. 
  2. I have had maybe two bad relapses due to overdoing it physically in my work and forgetting my posture whilst working at desk. Not the fault of using Bacrac. 
  3. My recovery times were very fast within 1-2 days versus 2-3 weeks. No comparison in my humble opinion and experience to date. 
  4. I am not too fussed about the pads coming off the Bacrac because it is a sign that you may not be lying correctly on the Bacrac (and why the pads come off the Bacrac in the firstplace). 
  5. I do however notice a little discomfort when I initially use the Bacrac but as I proceed through the exercise of stretching the pain subsides very quickly. 
  6. Due to my slim body frame I do notice that I need to ensure my upper body is resting lightly in the Bacrac (snuggly so I don't fall out the side of the Bacrac) I will support my Upper Body by laying my hands on my chest and elbows by the side of my body so I do not roll off the Bacrac and minimise movement off the Bacrac. 
  7. To increase my core strength I can also raise my head off the floor slightly whilst moving my knees legs through the 10-2 side to side motion.
I originally bought 2 Bacracs and gave one away to another friend who has had similar results.
I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a natural alternative to drug free pain management.
How awesome to have peace of mind to manage your own condition at next to no cost, your body somehow recognises the realignment in a really low impact way without you even realising the benefits.
The only downside is I get complacent about managing my lapses in back pain because I forget I have a bad condition? Due to not having regular problems with my back pain.
Thank you again for a great product that works for my personal situation. "