Using your BacRac   

We recommend you should initially use Bacrac 2-3 times a day up to 5-6 minutes per session. This can be repeated on a daily basis if required.

Morning use
Particularly if you wake up stiff and sore.

Evening use
Especially if you are sitting at work, or in the car for long periods. 

After exercise
A short session after running, cycling, contact & racket sports to reverse joint compression.

Important Please Read

  1. Follow these instructions and only use Bacrac in the way described.
  2. Do NOT stop any prescribed medication/treatment without advice from a suitably qualified medical professional.
  3. Bacrac is not intended as an alternative to professional medical attention.
  4. Acute or unremmitting pain/symptoms should always be examined by a suitably qualified medical professional.
  5. If during the use of Bacrac, you feel any worsening of symptoms/pain then STOP use immediately.

Step 1


Find a warm, comfortable place to set up. Position a small pillow or rolled towel to support your head/neck. 

Step 2


Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet shoulder width apart.

Step 3


Slide BacRac under your lower back with the larger rib sections level with your hip. 

Step 4


Settle onto the support and adjust to the most comfortable position. (Bear in mind that Bacrac needs to grip to be effective)

Step 5


Once in position, simply rock from side to side using one leg at a time. 

Step 6


The range of movement necessary is small (10-2 on the clockface). Relax into the Bacrac and STOP if you feel any increase in pain.

Step 7


Maintain a slow, relaxed rocking action and re-adjust your position as the spine lengthens.

Step 8


After 5-6 minutes, either slide off the Bacrac or lift up and off to one side.