Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a size or weight limit for BacRac?

BacRac has been designed to benefit the majority of people, however smaller framed persons may need to remove 1 or even 2 of the Lumbar sections to maximize effect. Larger framed persons will not need to add sections.

I have intervertebral disc damage. Can I use BacRac?

Disc conditions can range from a minor disc bulge (annular strain) to a fully prolapsed (herniated)disc. And can have neurological and neurovascular effects. BacRac use along with recommended prone extension exercises under medical supervision is recommended in the case of annular strains, however a confirmed herniated disc should be closely supervised and treated in accordance with your medical advisor.

I have Osteoarthritis. Can I use BacRac??

OA of intervertebral joints in the Lumbar spine can benefit from decompressive articulation. Simple mobility exercises in a non weight bearing position can help alleviate symptoms of restriction, muscular fatigue, localized swelling and inflammation. BacRac is therefore recommended.

I have spondylitis. Can I use BacRac?

BacRac should benefit in all but the most severe cases.

I have Spondylolysis or Spondylolisthesis. Can I use BacRac?

If A-P alignment is small, BacRac can be used to alleviate pain of irritated facet joints and stretch shortened/strained muscles at the effected level. If A-P alignment is large, BacRac is NOT recommended.

I have Rhuematoid Arthritis. Can I use BacRac?

Although you may not feel inclined to exercise RA and other inflammatory forms of arthritis can benefit from gentle, non compressive articulation and stretching of the effected joints and supportive soft tissues. BacRac should NOT be used in isolation to or as an alternative to your medical practitioners advice or recommended treatment/medication..

I have undiagnosed Back pain. Can I use BacRac?

Back pain can have general health considerations. A diagnosis from a suitably qualified health care professional should always be sought in the first instance. BacRac may then be considered suitable.

I have Osteoporosis or Bone weakness from other causes. Can I use BacRac?

The degree and distribution of bone mineral density (BMD) reduction is the important question in this situation. Caution is recommended in using BacRac until you know this information. If your (BMD) status is known and requires medication and or medical supervision, we suggest BacRac is NOT used.

Is it possible to overuse BacRac?

We suggest BacRac users begin with a minimum 5 mins per day. If possible repeat this 2-3 x per day or every hour.

Can I use BacRac in conjunction with rehab/treatment from my MD/Physio/Osteopath/Chiropractor?

As clinicians ourselves we suggest BacRac users consult and follow professional advice.